Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Problems

This ‘s hard to say, but since then the Galaxy S8 accumulate many rumors and leaks that will enter the history of most public phones before submission. It is clear that unless what confirm Samsung, there is nothing guaranteed, but to date and just know them we can make an excellent compilation of everything you know the Galaxy S8.

This year Koreans have done us wait for something else and not we could know the new ships logo in the MWC had us accustomed. Instead, they presented the Galaxy Tab S3 and the Galaxy Book, announcing as finishing date of presentation of smartphones, on March 29, which will be held in New York and London as indicated by the event app. Again two expected but perhaps less different between them, let’s see what is supposed to be under all filtered.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung is betting by the duo from the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and seems to have worked well both on that occasion and, because it also did the Galaxy S7 with S7 Edge. One front plane and the other curved on the screen and then that surname began with that Note Edge “trial,” but that loses the meaning if they are now going to be the same also in this.

Speaking of rumors is almost always talk about Evan Blass and on this occasion also has given us different contributions (you will see). In this respect, Blass leaked that big brother would be called S8 +, replacing the “Edge” and giving meaning to the speculation that Samsung would have chosen to apply the curvature of the screen in both terminals (both would have the “Edge”).

Another standard in the field of leaks is @OnLeaks, which contributed their bit concerning the difference in size showing us part of the dimensions (width and height) and a comparison of sizes between the S8 Galaxy and other Samsung range stops. We saw that the Galaxy S8 + surpasses in height to Note 7 with its 159 mm (the Note measures 153.5) and Galaxy S8 remaining Note 7 to the S7 with 148,9 mm in height, although some 2 mm narrower than the S7.

These dimensions terminals include screens of 5.8 and 6.2-inch QHD and not a 4K resolution as it was rumored. Here still more conservative and probably committed to meet soon on autonomy and go to evolve towards a 4 K resolution which, at the moment, we saw that Sony Xperia Z5 premium (perhaps too early, as that 2 K LG G3). Here Samsung would have marked an abandonment of the format 16:9 to 18.5:9, as the G6.

Another gift from Blass was his confirmation that the S8 screen would be sensitive to pressure, to the style of the 3D Touchscreen of the iPhone. Apparently, with varying degrees of force options and context menus in other parts of the interface, both apps are displayed although further information pointed to that function would be limited to the virtual start button. Because Yes, with the S8 apparently break with this tradition in the Galaxy now as we will see.

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Those screens would be integrated into a front better exploited that of its predecessors since we also have filtration ratio screen/front and will be 83%. And I also confirm renderings and pictures is a curved panel and stealing the most edges top and bottom to the point that there is a physical button front.

The card reader is being included (for the time being we will not see any technology that implements it on screen), but in the back as the G6 LG, so what will be on the front is a virtual (probably programmable) button. Victory for those who want the maximum use of the front part of the screen, not so much for those who prefer reading mark in that position or if the destination location is not so comfortable.

Thus Samsung ends with one of the signs of identity not only of its flagships but many of their terminals, which in the latest models have even integrated it into the A-line. Also, suspicions are confirmed as buttons and Bixby, confirmed just yesterday, will have its physical button (one new low the volume).

Also, changes in interaction arrive by accessories. Good news for those who lack Note 7 is waiting for this S8, given that the S8 would have an S-Pen as an optional accessory, which unlike the Note would not have a hole for insertion into the phone.

At the time we became the echo of that relative exclusivity of Samsung with the latest processor from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 835. Leaving before the flagships of Samsung had a relatively high price in this respect, having to resort to an “old” processor and less as Snapdragon 821 and saw embodied in the LG G6.

As it is becoming customary in the manufacturer, again will be versions with two processors according to markets, speaking on this occasion of the Snapdragon and Exynos 8895. Een Engadget Mobile have a detailed comparison of both, and it will change from the S7 to the S8 at this level, as the case of the graphic Mali G71 Exynos apparently offering a performance of is 1.8 times greater than the MP12 T880 Mali of the S7 with 8890 Exynos.

These SoC would be accompanied by a minimum of 6 GB of RAM being the height of rivals like Huawei Mate 9 Pro or One Plus 3 T. Although there are many ballots occur as with the G6 and that the maximum setting depends on the country since the 6 GB of RAM with 128 GB storage only they would reach China and in the standard S8.

Apple applied it in his last terminal, LG applied it in its two recent flagships, Huawei employs it on multiple lines. We even see it in lower ranges, but Samsung seems at the moment not include the dual camera in its most robust terminals of the year, according to a large amount of images and renderings that have gone out in that we see a rear with a single camera.

But, what with that tweet on Exynos 8895 and a dual camera? Perhaps just a teaser or a throat-clearing that manufacturer is already working on integrating this into our phones, talking about us two processors, helping the secondary tasks such as color, autofocus, HDR or noise reduction.

This anticipates a better ability to obtain both photographs and videos, for example, to be able to take video 4 K to 120 images per second. But again we cannot forget that time information running on a single camera, so this may see it in an (also highly anticipated after confirming its existence) Note 8 future.

Regarding sensors, cameras are running experience improvements only at the level of software while maintaining the 12 and 8-megapixel camera with opening f1, 7. The front camera would incorporate a scanner of the iris as the Note 7, while the back shows the detection of objects and visual search feature.

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