iPhone 7 GPS Problems

Tracking with sports apps iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus circumstances prove inaccurate in determining the distance and route compared with previous models. Also in cards apps, it can lead to deviations. The iPhone 7 has sometimes problems with the exact route recording via GPS: there is some significant variations in the measured distance, as well as the recorded route, as readers report. This is reflected in particular in non-urban areas, where the iOS-site services also can examine the data from Wi-FI base stations to locate. The inaccuracies may occur in different sports and tracking apps such as Milokopi and Runtastic.

The iPhone 7 problems occur for some users even when the location in map apps like Apple maps and Google maps: the Blue location dot “jumps” to the actual location, as users in Apple’s support forum report.

Clearly, the deviations are only in direct comparison with an older iPhone how the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 or about a GPS sports watch. The inaccuracies add up quickly to larger differences, as users complain about: A distance of 10 kilometers will captures well 11 kilometers long from the iPhone 7 as supposedly. The GPS-track of one affected iPhone 7 (or iPhone 7 plus) shows with wavy lines and similar deviations from the actual distance.

We could not determine yet errors when using the iPhone 7 navigation – for example, with the TomTom app and maps of Apple -. How widespread is the problem, remains open for the time being, in addition to Apple’s own forum it will discuss among other things in the Forum of MacRumors. The deviation will notice only some if a known distance or another GPS device will be used for the measurement. Individual users had success apparently, to exchange your iPhone 7 at Apple – the replacement has not demonstrated the problem. Others report that the inaccuracy of the GPS with the replacement iPhone appear unchanged.

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