How to Turn On Dark Mode on iOS 11

How to Turn On Dark Mode on iOS 11

YouTube has had a white interface from day one. The highly requested feature for iOS 11 is Dark Mode. The dark mode in the white eye changing room becomes black as well as media, photos, and content remain the same. However, we never experience the darkness on iOS 11. But the very special thing is very fantastic. Reversing colors on the iPhone in the past meant distorting the look of photos and content as well. But iOS 11 makes Smart Invert, which (almost) is the same as the Dark mode we need. Here’s how to cruise Dark Mode in iOS 11 on iPhone. Even if you have options available on the desktop for dark mode, mobile devices do not have enough accessibility. However, this will change as the platform adds new modes to its iOS app.

How to Turn On Dark Mode on iOS 11

All of the YouTube app’s white interface on iOS is pretty hard to watch, at night. The dark mode will allow users to not torture their eyes as it stares at the screen for a longer time. So that is definitely a nice change. Once a new theme is available for the user, it can be activated easily. Just follow these step by step instructions:

  1. Tap your profile picture in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap “Settings.”
  3. Tap the toggle next to “Dark theme” to turn the dark theme on. Note: Once the dark theme is on, you can repeat these steps to turn it off.

That’s all you have to do to enable dark mode on YouTube for iOS apps. Then what is the change in a mode that is done in dark mode? Once activated, you will see a lot. The white background will shift to the back of the rear which will not torture your eyes.

The feature was in a trial stage for a long time and we’re happy to finally get it out. The new dark mode may not be available to you right now, but be patient as it will arrive gradually. From this, the company that says this will also bring a dark fashion to Android as well in the near future. YouTube is available for free on the App Store. We will get more information and information about the dark mode as soon as we hear it. Like now, what do you think about YouTube’s dark theme for iOS Guide? You can see us.

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