HMD Prepare Nokia Phone

HMD Prepare Nokia Phone with 5 Cameras

Today smartphones are starting to apply a lot of dual-camera technology, so overall it has more than two cameras instead of front and rear cameras. HMD Global reportedly going to go further by setting up a Nokia smartphone that has not two, three, or four cameras, but five cameras at once.

Suspicions about the existence of the relevant mobile phone come from information from sources in website Foxconn, hardware manufacturing partner HMD Global as the licensee of Nokia smartphone brand. Mentioned that the Nokia phone will have a camera module “Penta-Lens”, contains seven holes arranged in a circle as in leaked images on the side sketch.

HMD Prepare Nokia Phone with 5 Cameras

Five holes will be filled by the camera lens, one for the flash LED, then one for the fingerprint scanner component. There is a possibility of this “Penta-Lens” module applying many lenses with a different focal length that can be selected by the user.

Leaks the same information also states that the phone with five cameras will be named Nokia 10. Other specifications of the Nokia 10 allegedly include a design bezel-less screen with 18: 9 aspect ratio and the back of glass coated. Meanwhile, the processor on Snapdragon 845 chips.

Of course, because it is still a rumor, the existence of the device concerned cannot be ascertained. Not necessarily also will be released to the market if there really. Previously, HMD Global reportedly busy preparing another high-end phone called Nokia 9 which has been equipped with dual cameras on the front and rear, with a total of four cameras. So far the Nokia 9 also has not really been proven to exist and inaugurated by HMD Global.

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