Google Recruits Apple Engineer For Smartphones Chip

Google is recruiting former Apple engineer, John Bruno. This part of the technology giant’s attempt to make his custom processors. Before joining Google, Bruno created and led the Group silicon competitive analysis of Apple which is a team that is responsible for making sure the fixed iPhone and iPad processor better than competitors.

Google Recruits Apple Engineer For Smartphones Chip

The role of Bruno at Google have not disclosed. The LinkedIn page listed in “System Architect,” which is the same role as when he worked for Apple. Although he has not revealed, the role of Bruno at Google will likely help companies develop better internal hardware for Pixel. Currently, the only custom-built chips used Google hardware is a Visual Imaging chip Core 2 Pixels, which is partly responsible for the high-quality camera on Smartphones.

Bruno works with Apple produce the belief that he will develop a special processor for Google in the future. But he also could have been working on other specialized chips. This step also marks the seriousness of internal hardware to fix Google Pixel. In addition to the imaging chip, hardware Pixel is often the same as the other Android devices to other vendors.

If the linkup Bruno into Google can create chips that are faster or more energy-efficient than the competitor, this step will help Google compete with numerous vendors smartphone. So as reported by Digital Trends

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