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Apple Launches The Public Beta Of iOS 11

We are very close to all the novelties of iOS 11, and that is that summer is the time to update the operating systems of the Apple boys. New iOS that we can test in its beta versions thanks to the launch of the Apple Beta test program, a program that takes a while between us and that becomes interesting because with we can try all those innovations that we presented to anyone.

And if yesterday Apple released the 11 Beta 4 for developers, today is the day of the launch of the third public beta of iOS 11. A new beta version that we can all install to test these new iOS 11. After the jump, we give you all the details of this new Beta 3 public of iOS 11.

This new Beta 3 version of iOS 11 brings us all the novelties we saw in the fourth beta for iOS 11 developers. A beta version that brings us some change in the design of the icons of the Apple apps and especially improvements in the operation of the operating system. We have been testing iOS 11 Beta 4 since yesterday, and the truth is that it works pretty well, is close enough to what may be a final version but minimum we will see two more beta versions before its final release in the month of September.

So you know, run to download the last beta of iOS 11, the Beta 3 of the new operating system for Apple mobile devices. First of all, you will have to be registered in the Apple Public beta program, for this, you only have to follow the steps that we leave you with the post about the sign in this program. Later, this new version of public beta can be found in the app of settings, in the General section and then in a software update. There you will see how you have available this new Beta 3 of iOS 11. Enjoy, and you know: care because you find some other bug and maybe some of the applications that you use in your day to day do not work properly.

The App Store starts to show editorial content on iOS 11

When we were presented the 11 last June, one of the changes that caught the most attention affected the App Store. After a long time with an almost unchanging appearance, Apple decided to take a step towards displaying a store of applications that was less a showcase of apps and listings of successes to move to show more elaborate content.

New sections on the cover to show us editorial content, as well as a particular section for games, were some of the novelties, but those who used the beta of iOS 11 did not see any innovation in the application since its launch. Today it seems that Apple has pressed the button and some changes are beginning to be seen in these sections.

The new parts are different depending on the area. So while in American blog are showing images with sections dedicated to Game of Thrones or Pokemon go, in website the new editorial sections talk about how a developer creates their games with small models or a game about tennis and zombies. Day one as an application of the day and a list of apps to get in shape without leaving the house are other sections that we can see on the cover of the App Store.

The sections dedicated to the games and the apps do maintain a more traditional aspect, with the listings of paid and free games, top categories and selections of the particular type of games like the races. The changes include a greater relevance of the videos in the descriptions of the games, which are automatically played which is very sweet but will make you suffer our data rate. Remember that also the developers will have the opportunity to respond to the opinions of users, something that we have not been able to verify at the moment but will soon arrive.

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